Owan's psalm

first seen in Peace of a Kind


Wherever I look, You have blessed me, O God—
Your goodness is wide as the sea.
Whenever I've sinned, You've forgiven me, God—
Your mercy is great upon me.

When evil men fought me, You made their strength fail;
when the evil one was me, Your kindness prevailed.
Now my confidence rests upon You unassailed
Your mercy is great upon me.

You have taken away things I've loved, O my God—
Your wisdom is far beyond me—
and replaced them with things that You've chosen, my God,
for the course that You've charted for me.

I have growled like a bear, I have moaned like a dove;
like a wineskin in smoke, like a chalice of blood—
but my hope is unbending within Your great love.
Your mercy is great upon me.



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