Prelude to The Dragon King


As if it were an orange wedge
once chew'd between my teeth
and ground 'til all the juice was gone,
and nothing left was sweet.

No, naught remained save just the pulp--
a tasteless, barren husk--
to be spat out from 'tween my lips
     just like the refuse that it is--
     a hasty, loveless parting kiss--
leaves nothing but my lust.


That is what these girls are like.


For once the conquest is complete
and I am King indeed--
nay, I have made myself a God--
they, humbled, on their knees

and scrabbling for a scrap of love,
but none have I to give.
I only wish them to be gone
     and (King I am) so they are gone,
     yet still the Hunger will go on.
And still the Hunger lives.



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© 2007 Robert W. Tompkins. All rights reserved.