Where Dreams Abide



Teenage dreams die hard.
I didn't want to be another nobody,
So I thought to make myself a name.
Tried to go the extra yard,
raise myself from the dungeon of obscurity--
found a million others trying the same.

I went walking through a cemetery,
reading all the names
that were carved into granite
but they didn't have no faces.
I wondered where did their dreams go when they died?

So I made myself a vow:
promised to get myself a million dollars,
but that million dollars wasn't looking for me.
And on the road from there to now,
the attraction of riches slowly lost its power
in the dawning light of eternity.

I went walking through a history book
reading about a war
and the leaders and the people of power
that we honor,
but who remembers the fifty thousand men who died?

So I said to myself,
there must be a better measure
of the value of a man
than by how well he's remembered.
I want to go to a place where dreams abide.

Someday I will die-
at least, that is to say, my body will stop moving.
On that day, my spirit shall soar free.
And all my dreams of earthly fame
will finally be shown to have been utterly foolish,
when the One I long for calls for me.

When my bones have turned to dust
and the whisper of my name
no longer passes from the lips
of teary-eyed children,
I will little care why men applaud.

When my headstone is crumbled
by the ravages of time,
so my name could not be found
even if they tried,
it'll still be written upon the hands of God.

I will never die!
I will never die,
I will never die in the Lord.
I will never die,
'cause Jesus died for me.
I will never die in the Lord.


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© 1997 Robert W. Tompkins. All rights reserved.