A Few Other Random Writings
from  Robert W. Tompkins

This page is only for the truly curious, and my sons.

Since the writings of Hagenspan include poems and songs,
I have included both here, as well as my first completed attempt at a short story,
my first published newspaper article, and a couple other items of possible interest.

Would You Be My Lady?

This is the lyric to the first song I ever wrote, © 1974.
I composed over 400 songs when I was young;
not all of them were as bad as this one.
It is truly terrible.

To the Tune of "Doe a Deer"

When I was in college around 1981, I wrote a book of poetry.
Very romantic, very strange; I was much under the influence
of Steve Martin at the time. My first wife threw it out,
being jealous of any romance that did not include her.
This is the only piece I can still remember.

Incidentally, the book of poetry was titled "Dragons in Vermont."

Beasley MacFarlane and the Case of the Purloined Pooch

I used to read detective stories quite a bit, and in 1993
I decided to try my hand at writing one. This was
submitted to Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine,
and they wisely rejected it.

(softball article)

Written during the baseball strike of 1994 at the request
of a friend who was involved with a softball tournament.

Where Dreams Abide

This is the song lyric that has the most abiding impact
for me, its writer.

Like a Train Far Away

There was a period of time when my son Philip and I
lived together by ourselves for somewhat more than a year.
For awhile we tried to do some creative writing
every night for an hour; that exercise produced this,
which led directly to "The Gauntlet,"
which led in turn to Roarke's Wisdom.

The Gauntlet

The most well-received piece
I have had published so far
apart from Roarke's Wisdom.

This was the first short story
that Amazon.com published
as part of their
"Amazon Shorts" program.

It was named to their
"Best of 2006 So Far" list
midway through that year.

An Open Letter Regarding the UMC's Position on the Clergy Letter Project

In the grand scheme of things, this may be
the most important thing I have written to date.

Not particularly entertaining. Read if you dare.

Bella and the Prince of Spices

My wife challenged me to write a story as a sermon illustration,
and this was the result.


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