Following is the transcript of my interview
on WETM's News Today program of March 18, 2006.
I included all of the ums and stutters to make it more realistic,
and also to give you a clear picture of
what an absolutely eloquent public speaker I am.

Desiree Taylor: Welcome back this morning, folks. We are talking about something exciting. I'm with Bob Tompkins this morning. And you're a local author--is that right, Bob?

Robert W. Tompkins: Yes, it is. (laughing)

DT: It's so exciting to me to think, now, you grew up in this area, in Addison--is that right?

RWT: Yeah, mm-hmm.

DT: What provoked you to decide to want to become an author?

RWT: Well, I've been a songwriter for many years, and, ah, after the pipes started to go when I started to get old, I just started writing prose instead of poetry, and, ah, I started telling stories to my sons, and, ah, th-this is what came out.

DT: Now, this--you're talking about your book, that was just published, actually--

RWT: Mm-hmm.

DT: And, um, what is this book? Tell me about it.

RWT: It's called Roarke's Wisdom. It's, ah, it take--it's derived from the mythology that was created by J. R. R. Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings, and all the fairy tales that've ever been told. And it just occurred to me one time that, what if some of those stories really were true? You know, what if that world really did exist some time in the past, and what if that world has slowly become the world that we know today? And this story is set someplace in the middle of that time, where it was becoming myth and legend, and becoming the present reality that we know now.

DT: Very interesting. Now, if I wanted to go pick up your book, I could go just to the local Barnes and Noble, right?

RWT: You can go to the Barnes and Noble at, ah, Consumer Square--and I--I went there myself a few days ago and noticed for the first time my own book on the shelves. And I was actually situated on the shelf right next to J. R. R. Tolkien. So--

DT: Oh, wow, so that must've been exciting.

RWT: --that was--that was a great treat for me.

DT: Yeah! And now, you are actually going to be out in Corning this weekend. You live in Corning now.

RWT: Yes.

DT: And you're going to be out, um, signing your book, um, so folks can stop by and say hello to you on Saturday, is that right?

RWT: Heron Creek Cards and Gifts on, I th--52 East Market Street? It's East Market Street, anyway, in Corning--

DT: Okay.

RWT: --from one to three in the afternoon, Saturday.

DT: Okay, so just pick up a copy of the book, bring it out there for folks, and, uh--

RWT: The--The book will be for sale there, and--

DT: Okay.

RWT: --that'll be the best price they'll ever get for it, and I'll be autographing them, and chatting, and just visiting with them.

DT: And we were talking off-camera a little bit. Another, um, bit of excitement in your world--because the second book is coming out, right?

RWT: It's the second book in the series. There--I'm writing the third one right now, but I just signed the contract yesterday for the second one to be published by the same publisher.

DT: Wow, so that must be exciting. What's it like when you, you know, discover you've been published? What was that feeling like?

RWT: It wasn't quite as good as seeing my first son born.

DT: (laughing) Oh!

RWT: But it was all right. (laughing)

DT: Well, very nice! Well, folks at home can reap the benefits of your talents and go pick up the book if you're interested--

RWT: Please do.

DT: --and the book-signing on Saturday as well, in Corning for, um, all you folks. And, Bob--local author, come out to talk to us, we appreciate you stopping by this morning.

RWT: Thank you very much; it's my pleasure.

DT: We appreciate it.

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