The New York Mets Hall of Records Game-Used Museum
Robin Ventura

2000 Fleer Showcase Feel the Game:
a black swatch of Robin's Mets jersey

2000 Fleer Ultra Feel the Game:
a nice-looking card with a gray jersey swatch;
if I remember correctly, this is the first
Mets jersey card that I ever owned

2000 Skybox Genuine Coverage:
another Ventura jersey card

2000 Upper Deck Game Jersey:
another jersey card

2000 Upper Deck Game Jersey:
same card as the one above, but a white swatch instead of black

2001 Fleer EX Behind the Numbers:
his Mets uniform number, backed by some game-used cloth

2001 Fleer Genuine Final Cut:
showing Gold Glove form on this jersey card

2001 Pacific Private Stock Game-Used Gear:
another one of Robin's several black uniform swatches

2001 Upper Deck Game Jersey:
a gray jersey swatch

2001 Upper Deck Pros & Prospects Then & Now:
jersey bits from both the White Sox and the Mets

2001 Upper Deck SP Game Bat Edition Piece of the Game:
a shard of game-used bat

2001 Upper Deck SP Game Used Edition Authentic Fabric:
a white uniform piece

2002 Fleer Ultra Glove Works:
an terrific piece of game-worn batting glove


2002 Playoff Piece of the Game:
another jersey piece

2002 Upper Deck Authentics Stars of '89:
the card says he's a member of the Yankees,
it shows him in a Mets uniform, and the jersey swatch is from
his days with the White Sox

2002 Upper Deck The People's Choice:
shows him with the Yankees, but it's a Mets jersey bit

2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes:
a jersey swatch commemorating the 2000 World Series versus the Yankees

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