The New York Mets Hall of Records Game-Used Museum
Mo Vaughn

1999 Upper Deck MVP Game Used Souvenirs:
one of the first game-used bat cards

2000 Pacific Invincible Game-Used Gear:
a pinstriped Angels road jersey

2000 Skybox Metal Base Shredders:
quite a cool card; a piece of game-used base

2000 Upper Deck Black Diamond A Piece of History:
another early game-used bat card

2000 Upper Deck Game Jersey:
a purple-blue Angels swatch

2001 Fleer Platinum National Patch Time:
a pinstriped swatch of one of his jerseys

2001 Pacific Private Stock Game-Used Gear:
a bit of Mo's road-gray fabric

2001 Pacific Private Stock Game-Used Gear:
from the same set as above, a piece of bat

2001 Topps Gold Label MLB Award Ceremony:
this game-worn jersey celebrates Mo's AL MVP award from 1995

2001 Upper Deck MVP Souvenirs:
no question should exist about whether or not
this excellent piece of batting glove was game-used

2001 Upper Deck SP Game Bat Edition Piece of the Game:
a piece of one of Mighty Mo's bats

2002 Fleer EX Game Essentials:
even though he had been traded to the Mets,
the jersey piece is a leftover Angels fragment


2002 Fleer EX Hit & Run:
another insert card from the same set as above,
this one featuring a bit of bat

2002 Fleer Focus Larger Than Life:
another swatch of Mo's jersey

2002 Fleer Tradition Update New York's Finest:
at last, a beautiful blue Mets pinstripe

2002 Leaf Certified Mirror Red:
this bat card was serialized to 150

2002 Topps 206 Game-Used Bat Card:
a bat card reminiscent of the old tobacco issues

2002 Topps 206 Game-Worn Uniform Card:
from the same set as the card above

2003 Fleer Ultra Moonshots Memorabilia:
featuring a blue Mets pinstripe

2003 Topps 205:
this tiny swatch of jersey couldn't have covered much of Mo's massive frame

2003 Topps Stadium Club Born in the USA:
this bat shard is shaped like the state of Connecticut,
the land of Mo's birth

2004 Bazooka Adventures:
honoring Mo's 1995 MVP award, but it's a Mets jersey swatch

2004 Bazooka Blasts:
I wonder if Mo did deliver a blast with this bat

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