The New York Mets Hall of Heroes

Here is a list of the players who had qualified either via Linear Weights
or Rounding Third calculations, which were eventually proved to be false
when the calculations were combined.

They are all notable contributors to the history of the Mets;
they missed enshrinement to the Hall of Heroes by just that much.

Position Players


Ed Bressoud
Rico Brogna
Hubie Brooks*
Ed Charles
Rich Hebner
Bob Johnson
Hobie Landrith
Ted Martinez
Brian McRae
Rey Ordonez
Duke Snider
Frank Taveras

Kevin Appier
Rick Baldwin
Dennis Cook*
Carlos Diaz
Jack DiLauro
Joe Grzenda
Ron Locke
Dennis Musgraves
Alejandro Pena
Ken Sanders
Mike Scott
Don Shaw
George Stone
Bill Wakefield
David Weathers*
Masato Yoshii

* Hubie Brooks and Dennis Cook made it back in via the Decade Greats calculations in 2008,
and David Weathers joined them in 2009

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